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Join us for an upcoming virtual Ask Fidelity Session where your local Fidelity planner will share important updates related to your workplace savings plan and provide you with resources to stay on track to meet your financial goals.

Ask Fidelity - Topic Overview & Schedule:

• April 14th @12 PM PST: Resetting Your Financial Foundation - "Whether it’s prioritizing expenses and debt or saving for the future, it’s important to review your saving
and spending to get clarity on where your money is going."

• April 20th @12 PM PST: Demystifying Your Credit Score - "Lenders use credit scores to decide whether to offer credit, and under what terms. Discover what goes
into your credit score and how it’s calculated, to understand the impact it has on your borrowing."

• May 4th @12 PM PST: Understanding the Basics of Social Security - "Social Security may be an important income source for retirement. Learn about key Social Security
claiming ages and how your benefit is calculated, so you can better understand the choices."

• May 19th @12 PM PST: How to Plan for the Income You’ll Need in Retirement - "How do your financial resources turn into income in retirement? It starts with a plan. Learn how to create a retirement income plan and explore the risks that can impact it."

• June 7th @12 PM PST: Saving and Investing Beyond Your Retirement Plan - "Saving for retirement, but need help with your short-term financial goals? Learn the basics of investing, and the different types of accounts, so you can optimize your savings to help you reach your goals."

• June 22nd @12 PM PST: Get to Know Your Retirement Plan and Fidelity Workplace Financial Consultant - "You don’t have to know all the answers – Fidelity is here to help. Learn how your retirement plan works and how we can help you with investment advice, so you can make the most of this important benefit.

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